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Yes, hello! I'm opening my commissions here as well!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM and we can talk out the specifics of your idea c:

The way i price commissions is through a cheap and modular system that has a starting point of a sketch or Lineart, and you can then add Flat color and/or shading on top!

-If you want a Sketchy looking piece, that will be a starting point of $12 USD
-If you want a finished lineart on top, that's a starting point of $22 USD

From this you can add:

- Flat colors will have an additional $3-6 USD charge depending on difficulty.
- Shading will have an additional $6-12 USD charge depending on difficulty.

- Adult content adds an additional $3 USD
- Extra character Doubles your starting point and increases the level of difficulty.
- If you want me to draw one of my OCs in your commission, I will only charge half for said extra character.
- If you don't have a reference for an OC that's fine! I'll charge an extra $5 USD to get you a sketch reference to use based on google image pictures and other pics.


This means that if you want a Nude Sketch with Flats, I'll be charging $12 (Sketch) + $3 (Flats) + $3 (Lewd Fee) for a total of $18 USD + Paypal Fees :D

Similarly, wanting a difficult Clothed pin up Lineart that's also Fully colored and shaded would result in something like $22 (Lineart) + $4.50 (Flats) + $8 (Shading) for a total of $34.50 + Paypal Fees :D

Maybe you just want a Sketch of 2 characters? $12 (Sketch) x 2 = $24 USD Starting point. Add Flats and stuff on top!
Oh, but one of the characters is my OC? $12 (Sketch) x 1.5 = $18 USD starting point. Add Shading or lewd fees on top!

Just grab a starting point and Add what you want on top!


What i draw:
- GIRLS!!!! Any skin color, body shape (Thin, Thicc, Fit, Muscular, etc.), Futanari with balls or without, all 18+ years old though!
- CONCENSUAL!!! If it looks rough, she better like it ;)
- Kinks: Furry, Tentacles, lactating, height/Age differences, Large Boobs/Cock (Not Hyper), Anything derivative of Vanilla or close to being a soft kink.

What i don't draw:
- Men (Not interested, sorry~)
- Scat, gore, rape, inflation, all those very specific and generally unpopular no-nos!


If you have any questions, feel free to PM and we can talk out the specifics of your idea c:


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