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Posted by athorment - December 17th, 2018

Yes, hello! I'm opening my commissions here as well!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM and we can talk out the specifics of your idea c:

The way i price commissions is through a cheap and modular system that has a starting point of a sketch or Lineart, and you can then add Flat color and/or shading on top!

-If you want a Sketchy looking piece, that will be a starting point of $12 USD
-If you want a finished lineart on top, that's a starting point of $22 USD

From this you can add:

- Flat colors will have an additional $3-6 USD charge depending on difficulty.
- Shading will have an additional $6-12 USD charge depending on difficulty.

- Adult content adds an additional $3 USD
- Extra character Doubles your starting point and increases the level of difficulty.
- If you want me to draw one of my OCs in your commission, I will only charge half for said extra character.
- If you don't have a reference for an OC that's fine! I'll charge an extra $5 USD to get you a sketch reference to use based on google image pictures and other pics.


This means that if you want a Nude Sketch with Flats, I'll be charging $12 (Sketch) + $3 (Flats) + $3 (Lewd Fee) for a total of $18 USD + Paypal Fees :D

Similarly, wanting a difficult Clothed pin up Lineart that's also Fully colored and shaded would result in something like $22 (Lineart) + $4.50 (Flats) + $8 (Shading) for a total of $34.50 + Paypal Fees :D

Maybe you just want a Sketch of 2 characters? $12 (Sketch) x 2 = $24 USD Starting point. Add Flats and stuff on top!
Oh, but one of the characters is my OC? $12 (Sketch) x 1.5 = $18 USD starting point. Add Shading or lewd fees on top!

Just grab a starting point and Add what you want on top!


What i draw:
- GIRLS!!!! Any skin color, body shape (Thin, Thicc, Fit, Muscular, etc.), Futanari with balls or without, all 18+ years old though!
- CONCENSUAL!!! If it looks rough, she better like it ;)
- Kinks: Furry, Tentacles, lactating, height/Age differences, Large Boobs/Cock (Not Hyper), Anything derivative of Vanilla or close to being a soft kink.

What i don't draw:
- Men (Not interested, sorry~)
- Scat, gore, rape, inflation, all those very specific and generally unpopular no-nos!


If you have any questions, feel free to PM and we can talk out the specifics of your idea c:


Posted by athorment - December 15th, 2018

I have finished moving all my stuff from Tumblr, so everything from the Futa Celestina X Gabriela 3 parter and onward is new stuff from the year c:

Posted by athorment - December 7th, 2018

After looking at some of my old stuff, i have decided that i will only post the stuff that remains consistent.

Looking at some of that made me want to re-do some of them, so be on the look out for that too!

I'll be updating here mainly, and the rest (like sketches) i'll move to pixiv.